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How to choose the right TANGUERA® model?

The TANGUERA® sizes correspond to the European standard sizes. However, we recommend that you measure the length of your feet to choose the right size. You will find a small indicative video on our « Custom Size » page. Measure both feet well and take the larger measurement. Then find the corresponding size by consulting the « Size Guide » « Size Table » HERE

TANGUERA® shoes are handcrafted with natural skins that will relax slightly and adapt to your foot. However, some materials relax more than others, leather and suede will relax more than satin or patent, for example. If you are perfectly between two sizes, choose the smaller size for more stretchy materials and the larger size for less stretchy materials. If you have a wide foot, prefer the larger size.

However, be aware that we can also make a custom model, only designed for you. We strongly recommend that you choose this option if you are not sure which size to choose. You can consult our section « Custom Size » HERE

All TANGUERA® models provide the same support for both the toes and the ankle. So you can choose the model you like without fear.

Ladies, for dancing, an open-toed shoe is more suitable because it leaves room for the toes to "spread out". For beginner dancers, choose a shoe with a closed back and a heel of 7 or 8 cm maximum. For more experienced dancers, you can dare all models and heel heights, except perhaps the 9.5 cm heels generally reserved for advanced dancers.

Like the women's models, the TANGUERA® models for men are handmade and guarantee flexibility and lightness, two very important criteria for both dance and comfort.

There are 3 heel heights for men models, 1.5 cm, 3 and 4 cm. The 3 cm heel is generally the most common and is the one we recommend for beginners as experienced dancers.

How to properly care for your TANGUERA shoes ® ?

Your TANGUERA® shoes were mainly designed for indoor use. It is however possible to use them outdoors provided that you follow the following recommendations:

· Have a shoemaker apply a sole to protect the original suede sole. Your shoemaker will be able to advise you on the sole to choose.

· Do not walk on wet surfaces or in water

To best protect your shoes, store them carefully in a box provided for this purpose so that they do not suffer from crushing.

If you have kept the original sole of your TANGUERA® shoes, which will be the case for dancers, brush them gently and regularly with a wire brush, specially designed for dance shoes.

If your shoes get wet, allow them to air dry. Above all, do not use a heat source and do not place them on a heater, radiator or other.