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Compose your own TANGUERA® model:

With TANGUERA®, nearly everything is possible!

You like the front of one shoe and the back of another? No problem ! You want to replace the straps with ribbons? No problem ! You want the sole in one color, the back of the shoe with glitter and the front in mirror patent? No problem either! Two ribbons of different colors instead of a single one ... More rhinestones ... A colored sole ... In short, everything is doable, everything can be changed, everything can be combined as you wish!

So do not hesitate, if you like a model and would like it in another color or with another material, contact us. If you want to create a model that looks like you by taking a part of a shoe and a part of another shoe, it is also possible . And all this at the same price as the initial model !

TANGUERA® shoes are handcrafted by artisans. Also, each order must first be validated by our manufacturer who must check the availability of the materials ordered in his workshops.

In case certain materials are unavailable, our manufacturer will offer us an equivalent design, or a proposal from their talented designer Handan Tanir, which you can then accept or refuse. In case of refusal, you will be fully refunded.

Once the materials have been confirmed by our manufacturer, we will just have to be patient and wait until the next delivery arrives. The time to get this original and so desired model can vary from 1 to 8 weeks.

So do not hesitate to look at all the models on our website. You can also look at the photos on our Facebook page and if there is something you like, we can do it !

It is also possible to order a personalized AND custom size model. The shoes will then cost 189 €. See our section « Custom Size ». HERE

We inform you that items on order or custom items are neither returned nor exchanged.